This is a 1 day travel guide to Konya: The city of hearts. You will visit the main attractions and have a glimpse at Maulana Rumi's life.

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Getting There

There are 3 ways you can visit Konya. Each has its pros & cons and you can decide which suits you better according to your travel itinerary.

By Airplane

To get to Konya you can take a direct flight from Istanbul airport and arrive at Konya airport in around 1 hour. The air fare ranges depending on season and days but is usually under 150 Lira. You can book your tickets online at or at

By High Speed Train

Another exciting option is to arrive at Konya by the high speed train. You will not only enjoy the high speed train experience but also get mesmerized by the stunning landscapes during your travel. You would depart from Istanbul Söğütlüçeşme station and arriive at Konya station in around 4 hours. You can book your train tickets online by visitiing or by visiting the station. The economy costs around 86 Lira and business class costs around 125 Lira.

By Bus

If you prefer to travel by bus you can arrive at Konya bus terminal and take a taxi to your accomodation. You can check bus routes and fares and also book online by visiting

Where to Stay

Konya Dervish Hotel

This hotel not only gives you dervish vibes but also a free traditional breakfast. A good option because it is located at walking distance from Mevlana Rumi Museum. The location of the hotel can be found at

Things to Visit

Mevlana Museum

This is why you are in Konya. Take out some time and let all the spirtual vibes sink in. Spend 20 Lira and you will get a mobile with multiligual description of items and their history. You spend so much to get here so it is better that you get knowledge of all the items. You will find different Qurans written by hand. Offer your prayers and pray to Allah.

Panorama Konya Müzesi

In this museum you get a closer look at art and rich cultural heritage of Konya and Maulana Rumi. Its location can be found at

What to Eat

Nezih Konya Sofrası

It is located near to Mevlana Rumi Museum. Great place to have a lunch.

That is it. I hope this guide helps you in planniing your visit to Konya.